Payments and Security Policy

Payment Scheme on

1. The user chooses a particular service (or services) or specifies the amount of payment.
2. Then he/she chooses preferred payment method.
3. The user is redirected to the payment gateway web-page. In case of payment aggregator, the user chooses a convenient method of payment and makes a transaction. In case of payment system, the user transfers funds from his/her wallet after authorization.
4. Payment gateway transfers a transaction's status to the
5. The user is automatically redirected to the site where he or she receives a notification of the transaction's result.

Security Guarantees

We are not responsible for any partial or total non-performance of our obligations by reason of any cause beyond our reasonable control, including the failure of the intermediate brokers or agents engaged in financial transactions. Financial liability of the company is incurred once user's funds are credited to the bank account of the company and/or its account in the payment systems set out on our website. We have the right to cancel a transaction and freeze user's account if there is reasonable suspicion of fraudulent.

In case of unanticipated technical difficulties, the Company reserves the right to cancel such transactions and their results, as well as the results of the services provided by the company.

During the transaction, a data exchange with servers of bank and payment systems may occur, The transmitted data contain information on orders and/or payments. However, third parties cannot have access to personal information of our users.

We do not store your bank card and e-wallets information on our servers.

We use TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol to secure personal identification. This technology allows the personal information (name, address and credit card information) to be encrypted during the transaction.

3D secure authentication may me applied as an extra layer of security to the Visa, MasterCard and Maestro bank cards (if the service is supported by the issuing bank).

The users may use only their own bank card/electronic wallet in their own account. Payments to/from third parties are not accepted. You may use only your own funds for investing.

The user can contact support service to request refund of his/her money mistakenly credited to an account in the system. In this case, the money are returned to the same bank card or wallet with which a payment was made.