About us

Nanjing Mining Group is a company engaged in cryptocurrency mining at own data-centres in Nanjing, a major industrial center in eastern China.

Nanjing Minig Group offers a simple and profitable way to invest your funds. You rent equipment for mining and receive daily income. All costs for the purchase of new equipment, rental of premises, electricity, maintenance and the increasing complexity of production are already laid in the proposed investment plans. Our offer is actual both for beginners, and for blockchain experts and large investors.

Nanjing Mining Group has own team of cryptocurrency experts, developing algorithms for bitcoin and altcoins mining, allowing to ensure the use of equipment with maximum efficiency.

Our competitive advantage is that company takes minimal percentage of revenues for maintaining infrastructure. Most of company's revenue we return to our investors by a unique marketing partner platform. The location of the company in China and direct cooperation with leading manufacturers of mining equipment allows to purchase the newest equipment at special prices before anyone else. We don't need to transport mining equipment in other countries. That significantly reduces logistics costs and allows for investment offers as profitable as possible.

Regardless of which investment plan you choose, you rent the latest technology that provides profitability for as long as possible.


The company NANJING MINING GROUP LIMITED was registered by the Companies Registry of the Special Administrative Region of China Hong Kong on March 8, 2018 (company number 2663336).         

Certificate of incorporation